Studies Show Some May Have ‘Immunologic Memory’ To COVID-19

Tuesday, May 11th 2021, 4:10 pm
By: Erica Rankin


A year into the pandemic, doctors are still learning more and more about COVID-19 every day. During the past year there has been a lot of discussion on what can protect you from the virus.

We know antibodies can, but doctors have said something else might offer up some immunity.

“There are four other coronaviruses that cause the common cold,” said Dr. Douglas Drevets, the Chief of Infectious Diseases with OU Health. “Two are similar to the COVID-19 virus right now.”

Drevets said if someone had recently had another one of the coronaviruses, they could have a degree of protection to COVID-19.

“You could have randomly had a severe or decent enough case of one of the other coronaviruses and you have enough immunologic memory that when you did see the SARS coronavirus we are dealing with you only got a mild case because you had boosted immunity,” said Drevets.

He also said some people could have a strong T cell response to the virus to fight it off. But he said that doesn’t show up on your typical antibodies test.

But the way to get those cells is to get vaccinated or if you have already had COVID-19.

Even though there are some ways you could have a boosted immune system, Drevets believes that no one person is completely immune to COVID-19.

“It could just be chance or probability that they haven’t been infected,” said Drevets. “It is possible that they might have had COVID-19 but just had an extremely mild case and didn’t know it.”