Former OU Football Standout Releases Book On Parent-Child Relationships

Monday, May 10th 2021, 7:37 pm


As a star athlete at the University of Oklahoma, Michael McDaniel learned some valuable lessons on and off the football field. Some he learned from being taught, some he learned from experience. 

Now as a pastor he deals with not only his sons but a congregation of young men in need of guidance.

So, he’s documented some of his lessons in a book titled “Things I Think You Ought To Know From A Father To A Son.” 

“So essentially the book is me sharing 27 principles that I like to share with my sons,” McDaniel said. “The principles range from learning to say I’m sorry, learning to say thank you, learning to recognize when something is over, accepting responsibility, and keep the big picture in mind.” 

These 27 principles McDaniel has learned to live by. Principles he learned through sports and in life. 

“I remember talking about giving someone a second chance. I tell the boys that.” McDaniel said. “I remember getting a second chance as a football player at the University of Oklahoma. Whether that was a second chance in my academic performance, or whether that was a second chance in my athletic performance.” 

That athletic performance had McDaniel as the top football player in the state coming out of high school. 

“If I was the ‘the’ athlete in the state? I don’t know?’ I was the only parade all-American, and I made a lot of athletic list. I’m grateful and fortunate, but I didn’t get along with any test. No ACT or SAT,” said McDaniel.

But thanks to great support McDaniel went on to graduate from OU with a degree in Political Science and a minor in Sociology. 

McDaniel said his sons have only read parts of the book for now but said he doesn’t expect that they will be surprised by any of it, because they have been taught the principles their entire life.

McDaniel hopes this book will help with all parent-child relationships but especially those relationships between a father and son. 

The book can be ordered at or by calling 405-424-7934