Tulsa Cub Scout Troop Hits The Trails At Turkey Mountain

Sunday, May 9th 2021, 5:15 pm
By: Matt Rahn

TULSA, Oklahoma -

Turkey Mountain was busier than usual Thursday as dozens of eager Cub Scouts from Troop 1921 hit the trails to experience the great outdoors.

"We have all of our dens here: The Lions, Tigers, Bears and the Webelos,” Cub Master assistant Jasmine Hunt said. “And we're about to knock this out and get this badge.”

Hunt said Troop 1921 is unique, consisting of mostly Black boys from North Tulsa's Drexel Academy.

"There is no coincidence behind our name,” Hunt said. “That is exactly why we chose the number Troop 1921, because to this day, the Tulsa Race Riot is the biggest race riot that has happened in history.”

For many of the scouts, this was their first time on a hike. Troop leaders said it's just one of the many opportunities they've been able to experience through the scouts that they may not have had otherwise.

The troop is fully funded, meaning these kids aren’t tasked with buying gear or finding transportation.

"This is called a trail marker, so we're on the yellow trail,” Cub Master Devin Williams said to a group of boys on the trail. “So we're always going to follow these directions.”

Williams is pointing the scouts in the right direction on the trail and in life. This was his goal when he started Troop 1921 last August.

"That's the plan, is to really change things through the youth, you know, with a new generation that's going to see things differently, have a lot more confidence," Williams said.

Williams said they have 39 scouts right now, but he hopes to grow that number to 50 by August. 

"It's an empowering thing for kids to be able to kind of conquer nature and be able to thrive in any environment," Williams said.