Tulsa Artist Gifts Painting Of Best Friend’s Stolen Rings For Her Birthday

Thursday, May 6th 2021, 5:43 pm
By: Sawyer Buccy

TULSA, Oklahoma -

A Tulsa artist is using her passion to do something good to memorialize a special possession stolen from her best friend.

Tulsa artist Sara Baty wanted to give her friend Lauren Burgoyne a birthday present she would never forget, so she painted a picture of two OSU Championship rings that were stolen a year ago. 

"You just never know who is going to be inspired by your art so keep going, keep creating," said Baty. 

Walking into Baty's house is like taking a breath of fresh air. If you're lacking inspiration, if your day-to-day life is feeling a little lack-luster, those feelings transform as you walk through her front door. Her art is dripping from the walls, hanging everywhere you can see.

"I just create for fun, I don't do stuff because of the money," said Baty. 

Baty’s home is a place where she is constantly creating, and people really love what she comes up with.

"I have been a full-time artist for about a year and a half now," said Baty. 

She also teaches art classes all over town and there doesn’t seem to be a medium she is afraid to work with.

This year, for her best friend’s birthday, she decided to use her connection to art to give her friend back a piece of her past that was stolen.

"They took some expensive stuff, but the rings were so sentimental, it was like the only thing I actually cared about," said Burgoyne. 

About a year ago, someone broke into Burgoyne's home and stole her Oklahoma State Cheer Championship ring and her World Championship ring, victories she won alongside Baty.

"It wasn't just the rings, it was the journey we did together to get them," said Baty. 

Baty couldn't do anything to bring back what was already gone, but she could recreate those rings in a new way. She painted them on a canvas Burgoyne could hang up in her home. 

"I am going to dedicate this day to Lauren, these memories, our friendship and everything in between," said Baty. 

Sometimes it takes a true friend to know how to make your world feel right again.

"It is almost more special because it is like, my best friend made me those. I will cherish that forever, and ever and ever," said Burgoyne. 

To check out Baty’s art, visit her Etsy shop here or her Instagram page here.