Clear The Shelter Event: Sand Springs Animal Welfare Has Your Next Best Furry Friend

Wednesday, May 5th 2021, 5:40 pm
By: Sawyer Buccy

SAND SPRINGS, Oklahoma -

If you are looking for a new family member - a furry one, with four legs - now might be the perfect time to adopt. 

Sand Springs Animal Welfare is in the middle of a clear the shelter event, where you can adopt a dog or cat for $25. 

"We want them to have the best match at a home - the people to be happy and the animals to be happy,” said Tracy Arvidson with Sand Springs Animal Welfare.  “It is great when we get follow ups from people who say that the animals are just wonderful and great, and they love them. That is what we want to hear because that is what they deserve, they all deserve a great home.”

From Wednesday until Friday, the dogs and cats at Sand Springs Animal Welfare can be adopted for $25.

"It is a Bissell Pet Foundation Promotion, and they do this with shelters across the country," said Arvidson. "It is just wonderful. The animals are spayed and neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, flea treatment, we do microchips as well."

Maybe you are looking for a friendly, playful, and vocal dog like two-year-old Nila or maybe you want a gentle giant, who loves a good cuddle like five-year-old Gravy. Check out Juno, this dog has some serious energy and a steel blue gaze, and Whiskey over here is a lover.

Perhaps you just want to take home a baby who has been through a lot, like Maybel, whose owner was just put in hospice care.

"We get lots of socialization with the dogs, it really helps them out a lot, we can work with them on different issues," said Arvidson. 

The dogs have some fantastic personalities and love humans, but they aren't all great with other dogs, so ask about their temperament if you stop by. If you're a cat person, there are kittens ready to find their forever homes.

"Come see us! We want to see you here; we want to introduce you to the animals and see if we can find the best match for you," said Arvidson. 

Visit Sand Springs Animal Welfare’s website here.

Below is a list of animals available as of Wednesday evening. Please call the shelter and double check the list, some of these animals may have already been adopted by the time you see this list.

  1. Nila: 2 years old. Friendly, playful and very vocal. 
  2. Gravy: 4-5 years old. Loves to cuddle. Gentle giant. 150 plus pounds. Needs to be the only dog in the home or with small dogs. 
  3. Juno: 1 year old. Lots of energy! Steel blue eyes.  
  4. Zeus: 2 years old, loves cuddles. He is a little escape artist though so have a tall fence! 
  5. Whiskey: 1 year old. Playful, loves people, loves cuddles! 
  6. Maybell: sweet and shy. We aren't completely sure what her personality is yet, she was just dropped off at the shelter after her owner went into hospice care. 
  7. Parker: full of energy, loves people, tummy rubs and can do a couple of tricks! This dog needs someone who can patiently work with him on his jumping- he loves to say hello but doesn't know how big he is!