Bixby Seniors Excited As Schools Prepare For In-Person Graduation Ceremonies

Tuesday, May 4th 2021, 9:51 pm
By: Amy Kauffman

BIXBY, Oklahoma -

Many Green Country high schools are preparing for graduation ceremonies in the next two weeks. A lot of students say they're excited to get back to – somewhat - normal pomp and circumstance this year.

Bixby High School is about a week away from holding graduation at the Mabee Center at ORU. They weren't able to hold their ceremony here in 2020, so they say they're excited to get back to normal.

Bixby High School Senior Audra Loney said graduation day is a long time coming and she's ready to walk across the stage before heading to OSU this fall.

"I plan to study animal science and take the pre-vet route hopefully one day to become a wildlife rescue and rehab specialist,” said Loney.

Loney said she was really optimistic that they would have a normal graduation this year, so she and her classmates have been following the protocols to make it happen.

"I know last year, the senior class may have been a little disappointed with how their year ended up but learning from that, we knew what we wanted to do this year and the goals that we wanted to accomplish when we started the school year in the fall,” said Loney.

Usually Bixby High School doesn't require tickets to get into their graduation, but this year each student will only get six tickets.

They say they are following all the protocols of the venue, which include limiting capacity and wearing masks. They also have to adapt the way students are getting to the stage, because of social distancing.

"We're limited to 172 students on the floor so this year we'll actually have students sitting up in the stands,” said Bixby High School Principal Terry Adams.

Last year Bixby High School had three different ceremonies outside on their football field. Students were separated into groups based on their last name.

Adams said it is really important to this senior class to graduate together

"I think the kids are excited to do one ceremony instead of three like we did last summer so they can graduate with their friends, and I know the staff is excited to get to celebrate this group of seniors after what's been a difficult 15 months or so for these kids,” said Adams.

Bixby's ceremony will also be live streamed on their YouTube Channel for those who can't attend or don't feel comfortable being there in person.