Man Hospitalized After Exchanging Gunfire With Officer In NE OKC

Saturday, May 1st 2021, 9:09 pm


A man is hospitalized following a shootout with an Oklahoma City police officer Saturday morning. Investigators said the suspect fired first before the officer returned fire.

The shooting happened near Northeast 52nd Street and Martin Luther King Boulevard just after 2 a.m.

According to police, the officer responded to another call as he was driving along MLK when another driver approached and struck the police vehicle.

"Just started hitting him,” Oklahoma City Police Department Captain Dan Stewart said. “Basically side swiped him.”

The officer then slowed down to stop, but the other driver then accelerated and hit him again.

"The suspect gets out of his car and engages our officer with gunfire," Stewart said. "Starts shooting at our officer."

Police said that's when the officer began firing back.

"He struck the suspect," Stewart said. "The suspect was eventually taken into custody shortly thereafter and was transported to a local hospital."

The suspect has not been identified and his condition is unknown.  Police said the officer was not injured.

Debris from the accident could be seen in neighbors' yards. Some said they heard the gunshots right outside their home.

Investigators are now piecing together the evidence to determine why this happened.

"It's really kind of too early to tell whether what the motive was," Stewart said. "What this person was thinking that caused these actions."