Muscogee (Creek) Nation Holds COVID-19 Vaccination Drive-Thru Clinic

Friday, April 23rd 2021, 4:21 pm
By: Mallory Thomas

TULSA, Oklahoma -

Drive-thru COVID-19 vaccinations are happening at Tulsa Expo Sqaure. 

The Muscogee Creek Nation is administering thousands of doses of to anyone who wants to get the first or second dose.

The line of cars started early Friday morning. “

First in line; so, I should be out of here pretty quick. No pressure on the rest of the day," said Steve Abbott.  

Abbott got his second dose at Expo Square and said the process is easy and takes less than 30 minutes.

“It’s a drive thru event. You’re going to start on the north side of the building. Follow the signage all the way through. Don’t be fearful if there is a line we actually have several lanes in there. I think we have four lanes set up. There is a post monitoring that takes about 15 minutes and then we’ll get you out the door," said Shoneen Alexander-Ross.

Alexander-Ross is the Chief Performance Officer for the Muscogee Creek Nation Department of Health.

She said 2,300 people made appointments to get the shot, but anyone is welcome to get the vaccine and you don't need an appointment. 

“I’m actually hopeful. I’m excited to see interest in the vaccine. I know that we’ve had a lot of different changes here recently around vaccines. And I’m just glad to see that folks are still coming forward and they want to be vaccinated," said Alexander-Ross.

Abbott said he's thankful for the ease of the process. “It takes a little pressure off of you know thinking where are you going to go, who are you going to be around and things like that," said Abbott.

The drive-thru event is happening Friday and Saturday from 8:00-5:00pm.