State Rests Case In Day 4 Of Joseph Alliniece Murder Trial

Thursday, April 22nd 2021, 6:00 pm
By: Brittany Toolis


The state wrapped up its case against Joseph Alliniece Thursday.

District Attorney Greg Mashburn's final three witnesses laid out the technical side of the case, and how evidence shows Alliniece is responsible for Brittani Young’s death.

The first witness was a Norman detective who headed the investigation. He recapped the crime scene, but the bulk of his testimony surrounded Alliniece's phone records from the day Young died.

The second witness was an OSBI DNA analyst who tested Alliniece’s clothes. Her tests revealed findings of Young’s blood or DNA on Alliniece's shorts, shirt, right leg and right shoe. The tests did not show blood on his hands; however, DNA was found on one. Young could not be matched or excluded.

The final witness for the state preformed Brittani’s autopsy. That determined she died from blunt force trauma to the head.

Masburn also showed autopsy photos, which included pictures of Young's badly deformed head. Cuts could be seen on her face, with one near her right eye. 

The examiner said they were from broken or fractured bones in her face, poking through the skin. Her skull had a large crack from her right side stretching towards the crown of her head. There were also several smaller cracks that looked like the spidering windshield after a car crash. 

The autopsy also determined Young lost a lot of blood, and she may have felt the powerful blows.

"The evidence from the medical examiner was that she had aspirated blood in her airways which means that she was breathing as she was bleeding and that goes to show that she was alive during this attack," explained Mashburn.

The defense questioned the states witnesses more Thursday than the entire rest of the week. Alliniece's team will begin presenting their case Friday morning.