Vintage Market Days' Weekend Event To Benefit Local Nonprofit Helping Recovering Addicts

Thursday, April 22nd 2021, 5:41 pm
By: Mike Glover


Vintage Market Days is an upscale vintage event for those hard-to-find antiques and other things.

This event, happening this weekend, is held on the lawn of Chisholm Creek. It features about 100 vendors, food trucks and music. It is a great family event that supports Oklahoma businesses. 

“Most of them are local businesses to Oklahoma, you have a few from all over the country. But most of them are local to our state” said Erica Parker, the owner and event coordinator. “So, you’re supporting your local communities.” 

Along with supporting local businesses, each year the event chooses a local nonprofit organization to partner with and donate funds to. 

This year they chose Reckless Saints of Nowhere. A nonprofit created to get those with addictions into treatment centers at no cost to them. Jason Parker started the organization from his own needs. 

“I’m a recovering addict of sixteen years and so when I got sober, I realized there were no resources to help those that want out of addiction. So, I just began picking people up from all over the country taking them to treatment and paying their entry fee at the rehab,” said Parker. 

The nonprofit was started in 2015 and has helped about 6,000 people get into rehab. They receive donations through their website, and they also sell shirts to keep things going. However, it is events like Vintage Market Days that really help. 

“So, with the money we get here we’ll be able to pay the fee for treatment, we’ll be able to fuel the van that we use to go get the addicted, we’ll be able to buy clothing for the addicted,” said Parker. “A lot of them are homeless and things like that, so it will help more than you know. It’s a really awesome thing.” 

Tickets are available now on the Vintage Market Days website or can be purchased at the event.

The event is Friday April 23 and Saturday, April 24 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. And Sunday, April 25 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.