OSU Recognized For Its National Sustainability Achievement

Thursday, April 22nd 2021, 8:14 am
By: Tevis Hillis

Stillwater -

Oklahoma State University is being recognized for its contributions to the United Nations' sustainable development goals, ranking eighth in the United States.

The UN sustainability goals aim to make the Earth a healthier planet.

As a land-grant university, Oklahoma State is mandated to address the state's challenges through agriculture and engineering.

The UN recognized the school thanks to its commitment to six major projects.

One of those projects is the "Zero Hunger" initiative, the university's effort to solve food security.

They also focus on clean water and sanitation to reduce energy and water waste and maintain high-quality water.

Another project looks at sustainable cities, particularly in Stillwater.

OSU also partners with local and national agencies to achieve their goals, helping develop comprehensive policies to save the Earth.

"Everything we do, we want it to be sustainable. We want to be able to continue. We want to continue not to further degrade the Earth. so, all of the goals are oriented towards behind that," said Dr. Randy Kluver, OSU's Associate Provost and School of Global Studies and Partnerships Dean.

The UN also recognized OSU for teaching and research in its own community.