Man Attempts To Purchase Multiple Firearms, Arrested After Asking Officer To Tase Him

Wednesday, April 21st 2021, 10:06 pm
By: Sylvia Corkill

A man who allegedly tried to entice a uniformed officer to tase him inside a metro business is now in jail on a half million-dollar bond.

Records show a background check prevented him from purchasing a high-powered rifle, and now the case may have the attention of the FBI.

While the FBI declined to comment, the owner of COPS Products, where the incident took place, told News 9 she got a visit from the federal agency the following day.

“A concerned employee put her head in my office and seemed rattled,” said business owner Cheryl Schoenberger.

On April 9 court records show Yemman Zolghani walked into the police supply store, approached a uniformed officer and made a bizarre request.

“He came over here and saw the officer and said, ‘tase me, I want to be tased.’ He said dude I’m not going to tase you,” said Schoenberger. “When I came out, I found where a gentleman had gotten out a knife out of the display case and went up to an officer with it,” said Schoenberger.

Investigators said, now armed with a knife, Zolghani "approached the uniformed officer again," and

"got within inches of the officer."

“That's when he went back and got the knife and said now will you tase me?” said Schoenberger.  

Someone called 911.

911 Caller: We had a customer that came in and started a fight with a few of the officers.  

Zolghani was placed in handcuffs after he attempted to grab the officer's taser.

Documents show prior to approaching the officer, Zolghani went to the firearms dealer next door and tried to purchase four firearms, and "specifically requested a sniper rifle."

Records show when questioned, he told officers "he was getting guns for God," and " was here to do God's work." 

He also stated "Allah Akbar."

Records show Zolghani threatened to come back and kill the officer and a store employee.

He was also charged with a felony in Pottawatomie County for assault on another officer.