‘Serious Need’ For More Training: Tulsa's Police Chief Reacts To Conviction Of Derek Chauvin

Wednesday, April 21st 2021, 9:11 pm
By: Chinh Doan

TULSA, Oklahoma -

While a jury convicted former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin Tuesday for the death of George Floyd, Tulsa Police Chief Wendell Franklin said he was not surprised.

"From day one, we knew that that was not proper," said Franklin.

Just as people in Oklahoma protested after Floyd's death, Franklin said his department of 848 officers has also been following the case.

"I think the takeaway is that there is a serious, serious need to ensure that training takes place amongst law enforcement," said Franklin.

Franklin told News On 6 training at TPD was cut back in recent years due to budgets, but he has set aside resources to add training.

Franklin also said the use of force policy is being revised right now.

"We have removed a ‘carotid artery restraint hold’ and moved it to the deadly force within our policy," explained Franklin.

The chief said the negative stigma of law enforcement the last few years has led to some of his officers quitting.

When asked whether Chauvin's verdict will help or hurt the department's recruitment efforts, Franklin said it is too early to tell.

"I'm hopeful that there are individuals out there that stand up and say, 'Hey, I want to be that change agent. I want to go on and make a difference,’” said Franklin.

The chief said a new community advisory board will have input on future policies, and the department has created a use of force review board.