Metro Tech Introduces Cadaver Program For Emergency Responder Training

Wednesday, April 21st 2021, 6:48 pm

For first responders’ lifesaving training is critical and getting that training on real human bodies can be an added benefit. 

Metro Tech understands that need and has now opened a cadaver lab. This class, open for EMT and first responders, is a first for Vo-techs in Oklahoma. 

Jason LankFord with Metro Tech said this was a COVID opportunity that they were able to take advantage of.

“This program has existed for about twenty years at OU, and last year when COVID hit they shut it down.” Lankford said. 

“Only medical students allowed in the building. They needed somewhere to go for this training.” Lankford said. 

But it wasn’t a simple process. It took about three months of “jumping through hoops” as Lankford said.

Getting the school ready for approval. They had to assure proper ventilation, as well as a few other things. 

EMSA trainer Tyler Wedman said whatever the process, it was worth it.

“We do a lot of simulation. We work with manikins we set up different scenarios. Very rarely do we get a chance to put our hands on human tissues” Wedman said. 

Even EMTs just out of school, said working with real human bodies helped.

“I think nothing compares to seeing it on real life human bodies,” Sarah Salous, newly trained EMT said. “I feel like it prepared me a lot to go out in the field and what I’m actually seeing on real humans.” 

The class was attended by everyone from surgical techs, paramedics, and others. Some new and some taking the class as a refreshers course. 

They even had firefighters from Lawton in the class. All working alongside each other and getting a better understanding of each other’s job.