City Of Pryor Dubs April 21st 'Kindness Day'

Wednesday, April 21st 2021, 4:51 pm
By: News On 6, Johnny Resendiz

PRYOR, Oklahoma -

The City of Pryor has officially declared April 21st as Kindness Day thanks to the work of a Pryor High School student. 

Pryor High school senior and Miss Keystone Lake Teen Chloe Binford said she used to get bullied, so she decided to make a difference.

Through her work in her non-profit, Kodeword Kindness, the city council approved today as Kindness Day.

Wednesday morning, she visited elementary schools and small businesses to promote kindness and hopes to have an impact beyond Pryor.

"If I can get a day proclaimed in Pryor then that is one step closer to changing the world through small acts of kindness," Binford said.

Chloe said she wants to help kids understand why kindness is so important, so today she's using balloons. She said kindness is like the size of a balloon because it makes a big impact without much effort.

"If we equip and teach kids how to be kind, they'll grow up to be kind adults," Binford said. "Which with how our nation is looking, we are so divided on hate, and it's so separated. That little act of kindness, no matter who you are, can bring us closer as a country."

Larry Lees, the mayor of Pryor, said the town is a welcoming community that wants to be an example for other cities. He said with Binford helping lead the way, he likes those chances.

"Folks like Chloe and her family are those who are good models for us," Lees said. "We want to continue to promote that culture."

Binford's platform also focuses on the business community in Pryor. Candi Mendivil, the owner of Daydreamer by Candi, said based on how she's interacted with the community, she thinks Kindness Day will catch on quickly.

"Just becomes a habit for me," Mendivil said. "Holding doors open....yes ma'am, no ma'am'....'thank you,' you know just simply being kind. I think it'll go a long way here in Pryor."