Some Plants At Risk Of Damage Following Freezing Temperatures

Wednesday, April 21st 2021, 6:59 am
By: Cal Day

Some plants could be at risk of severe damage after the freezing temperatures if they were not properly covered. Other plants are still trying to rebound after February’s blast of arctic weather.

Gardening expert Paul James with the Southwood Landscape and Garden Center near 91st and Lewis said the April freezes are not necessarily surprising but can be unfortunate for plants. He said the big concern after the latest freeze is for tropical, annual bedding and warm-season plants.

James said all tropical plants should have been inside when the temperatures were freezing. Annual and warm-season plants required lots of cover.

“Temperatures below 45 [degrees] are actually a problem for tomatoes, peppers, all those warm-season vegetables,” said James. “You may not see immediate damage like browning and blackened leaves but it may stunt the growth of those plants and they may not recover.”

James said landscape and cool-season plants like greens, potatoes and onions should be fine when in the freezing weather for a short period of time.

February’s blast of winter weather is taking a toll on some plants this season. James said many long-standing plants and trees had not experienced temperatures like February’s in the last three decades.

He said some plants, like the rose of Sharon, are having a hard time coming back. Other plants like wisterias are hit or miss after the arctic blast.