Abortion Bills Head To Gov. Stitt’s Desk After Hours Of Debate In Oklahoma Legislature

Tuesday, April 20th 2021, 10:18 pm
By: Feliz Romero


In a matter of days, the most restrictive abortion bills in Oklahoma could become law.

“This bill deals with not performing an abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected,” said Republican Senator Julie Daniels about House Bill 2441.

Under House Bill 2441, physicians who perform an abortion will be charged with homicide.

“If a rapist rapes me and I become pregnant as a result, as there any extra protections for me and my family written in this bill?” Democratic Senator Jo Anna Dossett asked Daniels.

Daniels responded to the question saying, “The language of the bill does not cover any of those issues.”

Daniels also said the bill does not address charges against the consenting patient.

“That pregnant individual should have bodily autonomy and their heartbeat is important as well,” said Democratic Senator Julia Kirt during the open discussion.

House Bill 1102 would charge doctors with "unprofessional conduct" for performing an abortion unless necessary to prevent death of the mother. It does not include mental health as a reason.

 “What do we expect to spend to defend this unconstitutional bill?” One senator asked Daniels.

“Thank you for that question, I cannot predict that,” she responded.

Democratic leaders said Tuesday’s decision will cost taxpayer dollars to argue the constitutionality of these bills against the U.S. supreme Court Roe. v Wade decision.

“This piece of legislation is a slap in the face to the medical community. This is a legal medical procedure,” said Democratic Senator Carri Hicks.

 “If there is anything that should be unconstitutional it should be killing babies in the womb,” Republican Senator Shane Jett said during the discussion.

A pro-choice group said, "The Oklahoma Legislature is focused on radical and unconstitutional legislation that will only be thrown out in courts. I would rather they spend their time on restoring access to health care to Oklahomans."

The final bill, House Bill 1904 would only allow OBGYN's to perform abortions. Governor Kevin Stitt has five business days to act. If he does not, they will automatically become law.