Witnesses Describe Being Caught In Two-Hour Standoff In Delaware County

Thursday, April 15th 2021, 6:13 pm
By: Amelia Mugavero


Store employees were caught in the middle of a nearly two-hour long standoff in Delaware County.

Mayes County Deputies are searching for a third suspect involved in an armed robbery and chase late last night.

Mayes County investigators said it all started when three suspects stole money from a woman at gunpoint at a home in Rose, Oklahoma. Then, the suspects drove East to Leach, Oklahoma. 

Investigators said they eventually stopped at Twin Oaks Mart in Delaware County to get gas, but, when officers showed up, one of the suspects locked everyone inside the store for almost two hours.

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"Just another day in the neighborhood in the gas station world," said Twin Oaks Mart Manager Skyler Ogle.

He said his store has been the middle of some dangerous situations before, and last night’s hours long standoff was no exception.

“It’s true that, with the gas station life, you have to expect every day that someone comes in robbed at gunpoint and you have to ask 'would you like a bag with that?' Nothing in the store is worth somebody’s life, ever,” Ogle said. 

Ogle’s employee Melinda Estes saw everything unfold.  

“This one guy came up to the counter he was paying for gas on the pump out there and cops just started coming in, and I was like looking around," Estes said. 

After the standoff, a man and a woman were taken into custody and one man was able to get away.  Investigators believe he was driven to the area between Snake Creek and Iron Post. 

Rod Howell with the Mayes County Sheriff’s Office say investigators are still looking for that man but don’t believe he’s dangerous.  

“We got a pretty good idea who that is. We do have investigators on the field as well as Cherokee Nation Marshals Service two that are basically looking for this guy,” Howell said. 

Ogle said last night could have been so much worse.  

“Three hours of losing customers —that sucks —but I’m glad no one was hurt, really,” Ogle said. 

Investigators have not released any names yet because one of the suspects is a tribal member.