Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Okla. Medical Marijuana Authority For Out-Of-State Tracking System

Thursday, April 15th 2021, 9:37 pm
By: Jordan Tidwell

TULSA, Oklahoma -

A class action lawsuit was filed Thursday against the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority for its seed-to-sale tracking system the state is implementing May 1.

The state contracted a Florida based company for the program and some in the medical marijuana business say it'll cost the customers more. 

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The plaintiff, Beau Zoellner, says this is a nightmare situation and that if dispensaries and growers are using this system, it's ultimately going to cost customers 12 to 15 percent more to purchase medical marijuana in Oklahoma. 

Zoellner and his attorney, Ronald Durbin, say they aren't upset with a tracking system but, rather, the fact the state contracted an out of state company for the job. 

Durbin says each business will have to pay fees as well as pay for plant and package tags. 

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Zoellner says he is worried this will force him to raise prices. 

"I'm trying to give the best product at the best price, and when you start messing with that and start jacking with that and start trying to add all this extra work just to get another pocketbook in another state lined with money that we're working hard for that's what really got me worked up," he said. 

The OMMA says they do not comment on pending litigation.