Family Mourns Man Killed In Motorcycle Crash; OHP Seeks Driver

Wednesday, April 14th 2021, 10:09 pm
By: Sylvia Corkill

A metro family claims a motorist is responsible for their loved one’s death.

According to OHP reports, William Looper was killed Saturday after he was thrown off his bike and over a barrier wall from Interstate 44 onto Kelley.

According to his family, another driver, who has yet to be identified, caused the crash.

“We've been on or around motorcycles since we were 4, 5 years old,” said Kenneth Looper, William’s brother.

Kenneth said Saturday several members of his family hopped on their bikes like they had done so many times before.

William, known to friends and family as Joe was riding in front. Big brother Kenneth was close behind.

“I was watching him the whole time and there was nothing he could have done,” said Looper.

Kenneth said just five minutes into their ride, a car veered into his brother's path.

“There was no reason why they didn’t see him except for they weren’t paying attention,” said Looper.         

He said Kenneth was essentially pushed off the road and to his death.

“It ricocheted off the wall and then it stuck the wall again. When it hit the wall the second time it threw him off the back and over the overpass,” he said.

Kenneth recalled the image of the vehicle.

“There was a white four door sedan, I don’t know the make or model, I just know it wasn’t new because the paint wasn’t shiny,” said Looper.       

Troopers need more information in hopes of identifying its driver.

Sunday, they released a picture of the crash site, calling on possible eyewitnesses to come forward.

Kenneth said a good man was taken.

“He was the biggest butthole you could know with the biggest heart,” said Looper.

And left his family with broken hearts.

“I just want them to grieve like I do. Because if they knew what they did, they'd have to live with it the rest of their lives like we do,” said Looper.

A memorial and last ride is planned for 1 p.m. Saturday, at Ocarta at Northwest 31st Street and North May.

An online fundraiser has been setup to help with funeral expenses.