OKCPS Moving Forward After Bringing Kids Back To The Classroom 4-Days A Week

Monday, April 12th 2021, 6:12 am
By: Caleb Califano


Oklahoma City students begin the second week of expanded in-person classes now four days a week on Tuesday.

Superintendent Dr. Sean McDaniel says that having students in class four days a week has been largely successful so far, but there are still things they need to work on.

He says their main goal now is identifying where the gaps are, whether that's students' mental well-being, the relationship between students and teachers or their overall learning loss after learning virtually for nearly a year.

McDaniel says that's been a work in progress since the pandemic started.

Early this school year McDaniel says they saw a dip in academic achievement, but he says those kids are getting back on track now that they're in the classroom.

"A lot of those early 'uh ohs' we came, we recognized and recovered as a school district. We recaptured those kids who were struggling, not all of them but a good number of them," said McDaniel.

Students have also begun state academic testing assessment which show where third through eighth grade and 11th grade students stand. OKCPS says all the assessments will be done online, the state has also suspended any negative consequences of the test due to the pandemic.