Federal COVID-19 Funeral Reimbursement Applications Now Open

Monday, April 12th 2021, 4:16 am
By: Brooke Griffin

Starting Monday, anyone who has lost a family member from COVID-19 can have the funeral costs reimbursed through the FEMA resources outlined in President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan.

FEMA will now offer the reimbursement of funeral expenses for families and who paid to bury relatives who died from COVID-19. 

There are a few requirements to take part in receiving the funds. All applicants have to be able to prove that the loved one died due to the virus and that they passed away in the United States, both of which can be done by presenting the death certificate. All expense receipts must be turned in for proof of purchase.

If you received funds from any other sources, such as local relief resources, proof of those funds must be documented as turned in as well.

Multiple applications can be filed if more than one person has passed away in your family from the virus, but the maximum amount of assistance is $9,000 per funeral and $35,000 maximum, per applicant.

Applications must be submitted for the program, the funds are not just automatically given. The application process can only be started by calling 211 or FEMA’s hotline number at 844-684-6333 and speaking with them about what you need to do to move forward. You can also find more information by Clicking Here.

Ashlie Casey, 211 Eastern Oklahoma Program Director, said the program is a huge sigh of relief for families.

“There are a lot of funds there to help support families, I mean you’re talking about the highest death rate our country has seen in years and unexpected funeral expenses have hit people very hard,” Casey said.

Before you call, Casey suggests having all needed documentation gathered and readily available to keep the application process moving smoothly.