Payne County Man Accused Of Sexually Abusing Several Children In His Neighborhood

Saturday, April 10th 2021, 5:41 pm
By: Anjelicia Bruton

YALE, Okla. -

A Payne County man is being accused of sexually abusing several children in his neighborhood.

Lionel Thompson is a man officers said is well-known in his neighborhood for helping children. Thompson is now being accused of sexually assaulting them. He is also facing several felony charges.

Thompson, 78, was arrested late last month. He is facing felony charges for sexual battery, three counts on two victims and one charge for sodomy on a person under the age of 18.

“He was kind of described as the grandpa,” Yale police chief Phillip Kelly said. “I think he was 78 years old and he would help all the children out in the area with fixing their bikes or candy, that sort of thing.”

According to court documents, Yale police received a call from a mother who said her two daughters were molested by their next-door neighbor.

Documents alleged one of the children were forced to perform a sexual act on Thompson. The victim, 12 years old, told investigators that Thompson “has grabbed and squeezed her butt several times before."

When speaking with the family, officers learned there was another minor present who witnessed the incident. Officers spoke with that child who said she witnessed the incident.

According to documents, the 10-year-old also claimed “that Thompson was looking through a window while she was changing."

She also said she witnessed Thompson “looking at photos of two girls on his phone.”

Yale police obtained a search warrant. His cellphone, security camera hard drive and computers were sent to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

Thompson has since bonded out of jail. The affidavit said he admitted to patting the behind of one of the children.

Yale police said this is still ongoing and they are speaking to other children in the neighborhood.