Bartlesville Couple Wants Peace, Answers After Memorial Marking Son’s Murder Is Vandalized

Friday, April 9th 2021, 9:15 pm
By: Kristen Weaver


A Bartlesville couple is distraught after someone shot and destroyed a memorial marking their son's murder. They said the vandalism happened on the five-year anniversary of his death.

Jenny and Shane Warman say their son, Kyler Holeman, was always giving and never met a stranger.

"He is a daredevil, adrenaline junky, the nicest kid, always willing to help people, super smart, and athletic," said Jenny.

The murder happened five years ago on March 31, 2016. Scott Offutt and Derek Hamblin were both convicted and are now in prison for brutally stabbing and shooting Holeman. They left his body near this rural area of Bartlesville.

Jenny and Shane say it was a senseless murder and they're still healing.

"Five years later, I still don't know that we have," Jenny said.

On holidays and birthdays, Jenny and Shane decorate this memorial and spend time with Holeman.

"It's where he took his last breath," Jenny said.

The memorial is where Kyler's parents say they feel the closest to him, so they couldn't believe it when they came out Easter weekend and found someone had destroyed it.

There were bullet holes through all the decorations and on the concrete on the anniversary of Kyler's death.

Shane and Jenny say it's not the first time it's been vandalized and think friends of the murderers are responsible.

"To disrespect this because of that is inappropriate," Shane said.

They said this place is their comfort and are begging for the people responsible to just stop.

"This is our visitation, so just leave it be," Shane said.

"His body may be gone but his spirit still here," Jenny said.