Man Caught On Camera Ramming Car Into NW OKC Business

Thursday, March 25th 2021, 6:47 pm
By: Jennifer Pierce


A man was caught on camera on Wednesday slamming his car into a metro business and leaving the store in shambles. Police said John Lytle, 25, told officers at the scene he was attempting to burglarize a smoke shop but hit the wrong place.

The owners of the store said on Thursday they left the store an hour before Lytle rammed his car into their business near north Council Road and Hefner Road. They are still in shock and disbelief at the damage that was left.

The front of Mario and Catalina Herrera's shoe repair business was completely shattered. Along with their dreams and the hard work they have put in through the years.

“Damaged pretty much everything,” said Veronica Garcia, relative. “It will take a while to get back to where they were.”

The Herrera's got a call from their security company that someone was inside. Passersby’s also reported an unusual burglary to police. 

911 caller: “There was a car that just went through a business.”

911 caller: “Like he’s in there and he’s like throwing stuff out of the store.”

A security camera on a business next door caught how Lytle used his car to break in. He went full speed in reverse and slammed into the glass front.

“He was under the influence I believe,” said Garcia. “And started throwing things.”

When officers got there, they used caution, not knowing if Lytle was armed. Oklahoma City police released the body camera footage of Lytle’s arrest.

Officer: “Hey! Something in his hand. Don’t know if it’s a gun.”

Lytle continued to yell at officers, but eventually walked out of the store.

Officer: “Stop! Stop! Show me your hands! Not a gun. Stop! Get on the ground. Stop.”

Lytle surrendered peacefully and officers did not find a weapon on him.

“This was a straight burglary,” said MSgt. Gary Knight, Oklahoma City Police Department. “That he was going to smash right into the business with the vehicle, which is exactly what he did. He ended up being taken into custody.”

Knight said amazingly the suspect was not injured. Lytle was booked into the Oklahoma County Detention Center on complaints of burglary and destruction and vandalism of property.