OSDH Releases Spring Break COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

Monday, March 15th 2021, 6:13 am
By: Colby Thelen

The State Department of Health has released guidelines urging Oklahomans to take precautions during spring break.

The guidelines encourage Oklahomans to take advantage of warm weather by staying outside if they decide to gather with family or friends.

The department also issued a reminder that groups of 10 or more can increase the chances of community COVID-19 spread.

OSDH also recommends that those planning to travel get tested before leaving. That recommendation extends to college students returning home. 

 The state says those who are fully vaccinated don't have to wear a mask indoors if they gather with a small group of other vaccinated people or a single household that is low risk. 

 State Health Commissioner, Col. Lance Frye, encourages Oklahomans to keep their eye on the prize saying, “We're at a critical point in fighting back against COVID-19. Cases and hospitalizations are beginning to decline, but they will almost certainly rise again if we take our foot off the gas now.”

The OSDH urges everyone who is eligible for the vaccine to get it, and asks all Oklahomans to continue to wear a mask, watch their distance and wash their hands in public spaces.