OCPD Releases Bodycam Of Officer Not Charged In Shooting Of Stavian Rodriguez

Wednesday, March 10th 2021, 11:36 pm
By: Feliz Romero


Five officers are facing charges for the deadly shooting of a teenage robbery suspect, Stavian Rodriguez.

Sergeant Sarah Carli also shot at Stavian Rodriguez; however, the DA's office said she's not charged because she fired a less lethal weapon.

It was 6:52 pm on November 23 when Sgt. Carli responded to an armed robbery call at a gas station near Western and Southwest 74th Street.

“Where is he at? You said north side,” said Carlie.

Newly released bodycam footage shows Carli walking towards another officer, Brad Pemberton, who spots Stavian Rodriguez and points his gun.

“Oh, I see him! Show me your hands!” officers yelled.

Another officer talking to Rodriquez over the intercom to try to get him to step out of the gas station, show them his hands, and drop his weapon, which he does.

“Show us your hands sir nobody has to get hurt,” he yelled.

Carlie steps forward yelling “step out, face away!”

She then knelt and opened fire with a less than lethal weapon.

Officers can be seen walking towards Rodriguez when Carlie said, “Yeah I was the first one to deploy, he kept reaching.”

Another officer then said, “If you shot and are involved back up!”

A few minutes later officers move towards the front entrance of the store to check the door.

After checking the door Carli and the other officers turn around while paramedics work on Rodriguez.

Carli walked away from the scene and eventually meets up with other officers.

She said, “I don’t even want to talk about this right now.” Another officer responding, “So frustrating…he didn’t have...”

After that exchange Carli turned her body camera over to the captain.