Police Leaders, Rodriguez's Mother React To Charges Filed Against OKC Police Officers

Wednesday, March 10th 2021, 5:22 pm

News 9 has reached out to the Fraternal Order of Police and the Oklahoma City Police Department for statements on the charges filed against five Oklahoma City police officers

The Oklahoma City FOP said right now, all they could do was provide a statement.

"Officers must make life and death decisions in a split second, relying on their training," said FOP President John George. "When an armed robbery suspect did not obey police commands, five officers perceived the same threat and simultaneously fired their weapons. A loss of life is always a tragedy and we know these officers did not take firing their weapons lightly. The OKC FOP stands by these officers and maintains they acted within the law."

The Oklahoma City Police Department said they found out about the charges being filed against five of their officers on Monday. All the officers are currently on paid administrative leave.

For any other information, the department pointed News 9 to Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater or the original press release from back in November. As of Wednesday, the district attorney is not commenting on the charges.

The legal team representing Stavian Rodriguez's mom sent a statement to News 9.

“Ms. Holland appreciates the requests for comment but as this is a very emotional time for her, she will not be making any statements at this time," wrote Amy Kingry, paralegal to Rand C. Eddy of Mulinix, Eddy, Ewert & McKenzie, PLLC. "As this is now a criminal proceeding, her attorney declines to comment on the matter as well.”

News 9 reached out Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt, but he did not have a comment at this time. News 9 also emailed or messaged all of the city councilors but have not heard back yet.