Local Facebook Group Aims To Help Oklahomans Find Vaccine Appointments

Tuesday, March 9th 2021, 10:49 pm
By: Feliz Romero

When the world shut down Celena McCord and Jenny Stewart were feeling hopeless. When they heard vaccines were coming to Oklahoma, they wanted to help the community they love, one shot at a time.

Their Facebook group called 'Vaccinate our State: Helping Okies one shot at a time' now has over 8,000 members.

“That hope that maybe if I post some appointments it will help someone get a COVID shot and then a few people caught on. They jumped on board with this and it just kind of became this movement,” said Stewart, one of the administrators of the page.

Monica Sexton used the group to get an appointment.

“The internet has its pros and cons, but this is definitely on of those pros. Being able to have all of these people get together and really do something for a good cause I am so proud of this group,” she said.

Stewart and McCord originally wanted to help seniors, but as new phases opened, they saw the need to continue their page.

“We always joked when we scheduled 100 or 200 people I would say ‘my goal is that we would sign up enough people that we would fill one of these pods.’ We’ve personally signed up 1,500 people,” said co-administrator McCord.

“They are doing this, and it is making a difference. Everybody just really needs to get their shots so we can get out of this pandemic,” said Sexton.

Jenny said it goes both ways, and she is just as happy when she can help an Oklahoman in need.

“The hope is finally there when they get that shot in their arm. That is the most rewarding part, just being able to help with that,” she said.

Right now, they have five other volunteers who are helping them schedule appointments and say they aren’t stopping until everyone who wants a shot gets the help they need.