2.4 Million More Oklahomans Eligible For COVID Vaccine As State Moves Into Phase 3

Monday, March 8th 2021, 11:00 pm
By: Feliz Romero


The state estimates 2.4 million Oklahomans fall under phase three of the COVID-19. For the next two days many of our neighbors in the metro will be filing into Mercy for their first shots.

“This is a big step and when we look at the different phases this means that we are bringing on the vast majority of Oklahomans,” said Keith Reed with the Oklahoma State Department of Health.

However, Karen Cortex feels left out. Cortez is battling stage 4 cancer eligible under Phase 2.

“The governor and everybody has been talking about how great we’re doing and everything and I just thought ‘this is not great,’” she said.

She said she has been trying to schedule an appointment on the state's portal and it's been close to impossible to get an appointment near her home in The Village.

“I’ve been going for three weeks and trying to find an appointment and it’s just been horrible,” Cortez said.

The health department addressed those concerns Monday saying with more vaccines they will be able to open more access points.

“We are looking at 170,000 plus doses coming into the state. Keep in mind that does not include any vaccine from the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. There is close to 170 or so pharmacies in the state that are getting straight from the federal government,” Reed said. “That enables us to get a lot of access points with vaccine supply available.”

Relief for Cortez, just within the last couple of hours, she was finally able to get an appointment to get vaccinated.