Data Privacy, School Choice & Police Doxxing Bills Advance This Week At State Capitol

Friday, March 5th 2021, 6:39 pm
By: Storme Jones


Hundreds of bills were heard at the Oklahoma State Capitol this week as lawmakers rush toward another deadline. 

Last week's deadline was to get most bills passed out of their home committees. Now, each chamber is rushing to get bills voted on and sent to the opposite chamber by next Thursday. 

A bill by Rep. Josh West, R- Grove and Rep. Collin Walke, D-OKC, to strengthen data privacy laws passed the house with bipartisan support. 

House Bill 1602 would make Oklahoma one of the first "opt in" states in the country, meaning tech companies would be required to first have users’ explicit yes to collect data instead of waiting for users to say no. The bill is now eligible to be heard before the full senate. 

A bill allowing liquor stores to hand out up to four quarter-ounce samples of liquor and four one-once samples of wine and beer advanced from the House. 

A bill Sen Adam Pugh, R-Edmond, calls "public school choice" cleared the Senate. Unless a school is full, the bill allows students to transfer districts at any time of the year without permission from the school they're leaving. Democrats argued the bill does nothing to help failing schools. 

A bill aimed to prevent police doxxing, or the online sharing of personal information like homes addresses passed out of the House. The bill also prohibits posting harassing photos which some democrats argued could punish people posting videos of police misconduct.