2 Pairs Of Rare Twins Born At OU Health

Friday, March 5th 2021, 10:44 am
By: Tevis Hillis


OU Health rarely sees monochorionic monoamniotic twins, better known as MOMO twins, but the hospital recently delivered two pairs.

This means these babies are growing in the same SAC inside their mother, making this a high-risk pregnancy. These babies are the rarest form of identical twins, accounting for only 1% of the world's twin population.

"It is very risky having these twins because you have the risk of cord entanglement, cord compression," said Jennifer Eddy.

And the list goes on for Eddy, a new mother to MOMO twins.

With a survival rate of 50%, it is a difficult pregnancy, but Eddy's doctors were pleased.

"We were very fortunate the delivery. She was young and healthy," said Marvin Williams, Eddy's Physician at OU Health.

While Eddy was fortunate to have healthy twin girls, Valyria and Vidalia, doctors were shocked when they found out they were not just caring for one set of these unique MOMO twins but two.

"This is Oakland, and this is Olivia," said Courtney Adams, the mother of another set of MOMO twins.

It is incredibly rare to have another set of MOMO twins delivered in the same month, at the same hospital.

“It was very scary to know these are unique twins, and they are very rare, and there is a lot of risks. What does that mean for us, and what does that mean for them," said Adams. 

As COVID kept both mothers from sharing their experience in person, they were able to meet virtually, and both said their support group saved them.

"I kept up with all of the success stories. We just motivated each other, and it was a cool outlook to have," said Adams.

"Don't go to google. Just go to the support group," said Eddy.

Both sets of twins are still tiny babies but all very healthy.