Affidavit Details New Information In Murder Case Against Teen Accused Of Stabbing An Edmond Man

Thursday, March 4th 2021, 4:22 pm
By: Brittany Toolis

EDMOND, Oklahoma -

Court documents reveal new information on what led up to a deadly stabbing last weekend in Edmond

A 16-year-old boy told police he was defending another woman from the victim. 

Court documents said the victim, Eddie Beesley, had more than half a dozen stab wounds. A number of other injuries were also found on Beesley, but investigators still haven't identified how he got them.

Edmond police released the full report of what happened at the house near Bryant and Kickingbird Road the night Beesley died.

In the report, investigators said a 16-year-old boy stabbed Beesley at least six times across his neck and torso. An additional stab wound was later found on the victim's shoulder.

Responding officers described a violent scene. Reports said upon arrival, police found a broken bookshelf and other belongings all over the floor, blood smeared on the walls and around the house, and pools of blood surrounding Beesley's body.

The report shows several people, including the victim, were at the home when police arrived. Two of those people had made 911 calls about an argument between the victim and his girlfriend.

According to the affidavit, a woman at the home started verbally fighting with Beesley. The argument then escalated to physical fight. The 16-year-old suspect told police he jumped in to defend the woman.

The teen said Beesley punched him in the head and body several times; scared, he pulled out his pocketknife and began "hitting" the victim.

Police said it was during those blows when Beesley was stabbed. Investigators also found injuries on Beesley's back that were not from the pocketknife.

Police have not said what caused those other injuries. The report said a small, two foot long wooden club with nails sticking out of one end was found in the car the suspect arrived in. 

Police arrested the 16-year-old on a complaint of second-degree murder.