COVID-19 Changes Protocols For Local Cleaning Company

Wednesday, March 3rd 2021, 6:08 am
By: Jordan Dafnis

The pandemic has changed how many businesses operate, making disinfection a top priority.

That is having a major impact on how local cleaning businesses operate.

Alan Hernandez started out working for a cleaning company. He worked at night while he went to school for business during the day. He knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur but did not know what he wanted to do. Cleaning became his passion.

“Back in 2018, I decided to start this business because I was just tired of working for someone else.”

Hernandez says that his company ensures employees are making a livable wage without having to be overworked to make ends meet.

His business was a success up until the pandemic.

“Oh man, it completely changed,” says Hernandez. “It kind of suffered at first, like when the panic started, that is when we were like ok we don’t know what is going to happen.”

Businesses started to close; people didn’t want strangers to enter their homes meaning no income for Hernandez. But then things changed.

“After 3-4 months things started to kind of get back to normal,” says Hernandez “I started getting calls like hey do you offer this, hey do you offer this, hey do you offer this, and I started realizing this technology is really the future.”

Alan Hernandez tells me the biggest impact of the pandemic is that hiring a cleaning service has shifted from a luxury to many times a necessity.

“We are not in the middle of oh I am just going to do it because I want to. It is a necessity and I feel like being empathetic and sympathetic with your community we can advance forward to get away from this mess and finally go back to normal in the future," says Hernandez

Usually, your average cleaning company may come in with some Clorox and Windex, but now sanitization is essential. 

Hernandez uses an electrostatic disinfecting machine. This is something we have seen now being used to sanitize a lot of schools.

Surfaces have a negative charge, this machine coats them with a positive charge and sanitation materials that stick and disinfect.

This machine is expensive, and the disinfectant spray is not cheap either, so to add this amenity there is an increased cost for everyone.

Because businesses are struggling, and Hernandez wants to help companies get open and stay open, he is offering free electrostatic spraying for the first six months when businesses sign up to work with them.

“I started getting calls like hey do you offer this, hey do you offer this, hey do you offer this, and I started realizing this technology is really the future,” says Hernandez.

Hernandez says the process doesn't take very long and the product is safe.

“Most cleaning companies use food-grade disinfectants they are safe for food and you can spray your whole kitchen, and nothing is going to happen everything is going to be completely cleaned and sanitized, because there is a difference between being clean and being sanitized," says Hernandez.