Bethel Acres Follows Up On Clean-Up Efforts After January Oil Spill

Tuesday, March 2nd 2021, 10:24 pm
By: News 9

BETHEL ACRES, Oklahoma -

Officials in Bethel Acres say water samples are good and that they're awaiting soil results after a January oil spill that was, again, the topic of conversation at a Monday night town hall meeting.

Residents living near the creek on Clear Pond Road in Bethel Acres began to notice the smell of oil in the air around January 20. The leak was stopped on January 27. The owner of the well. Hood Oil and Gas LLC, had until February 27 to get it cleaned up.

The pump jack that caused the leak was owned by Abundance Energy, and on paper at the Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC), it still is. 

Hood Oil and Gas LLC purchased the pump jack and did not file the appropriate paperwork at the OCC. Hood Oil and Gas turned on the power to the pump jack with nobody around. When power came back on, the jack began producing oil. 

News 9's Clayton Cummins returned to the area to follow up with neighbors and town officials about the clean-up process.

"I think they've done the best they can do with the situation. I'm disappointed that they didn't get on our side sooner before it washed down with that one rain. I feel like they could have acted quicker," said Mary Bowlan, who lives near the spill.

In a town council meeting February 1, Sean Hood, who owns Hood Oil and Gas, said he asked OG&E to turn power back on at the well after purchasing it and many others.

"He paid the fees for all of the wells for the whole year. What that is going to do is help him and us to be able to schedule when he brings a certain well online," said Bethel Acres Mayor Tony Carlile.

It's still uncertain if Hood will face any repercussions.

The Corporation Commission said the investigation is still open.