High-Speed Pursuit In Edmond Leads To Capture, Arrests Of Multi-State Crime Ring Suspects

Friday, February 26th 2021, 5:32 pm
By: Jennifer Pierce

EDMOND, Oklahoma -

Edmond police stopped a multi-state crime ring on Thursday as they traveled through Oklahoma.

Police arrested five people in connection with the ring after the suspects led officers on a high-speed pursuit.

Edmond police officials said on Friday the group's M.O. matched what they call a "felony lane gang." Investigator think the group was traveling through Oklahoma to steal IDs.

The suspected thieves are thought to be from Arkansas and Alabama and were booked into the Oklahoma County Detention Center on felony complaints.

Edmond police were first tipped off when a witness spotted two of the suspects at Hafer Park, allegedly stealing a purse from a parked car. The witness called 911 to report the theft.

Caller: “It was the passenger that got out and did that and then he saw me and turned around and got back in the car.

The suspects sped away in a white SUV when officers arrived to the park. The situation unfolded on police dashcam video and quickly escalated into a high-speed pursuit with speeds topping 97 mph. 

The SUV crashed after it clipped the back of a FedEx truck.

The two suspects were seen on dashcam video running on foot through an Edmond neighborhood near South Bryant Avenue and East 33rd Street.

Oklahoma City police joined the search for the suspects in the air and on the ground with K-9s.

While police were able to capture 24-year-old Andrew Deveo, another man 21-year-old Randolph Spann, Jr. was able to evade police for a short time.

Edmond police released bodycam footage of Devoe’s arrest.

Officer: “Who is your partner?

Devoe: “I don’t have a partner.

Officer: “Who was the guy in the car with you?

Devoe: “Why you all doing me? He got a gun.

Officer: “He’s got a gun?

Eventually, officers found Spann and three women connected with the ID theft ring in another car. The three women were identified as Sarah Gruber, 44, Sabrina Miranda, 33, and 21-year-old Elizabeth Hornsby.

Investigators discovered bags of stolen property and stolen IDs in the two cars.

Police said the cars the suspects had were rented and the recovered property and IDs belonged to residents in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, and other states.