Tulsa Organization Raises Over $1M To Help Those Experiencing Homelessness

Friday, February 26th 2021, 8:00 am
By: Brooke Griffin

TULSA, Okla. -

A local Tulsa organization has raised over $1 million in the month of February to help get people experiencing homelessness off of the streets. Housing Solutions of Tulsa was able to not only get more than 400 Tulsans out of the cold and into shelters or hotels, but they are now planning long-term fixes for those in need.

The Housing Solutions Outreach Team said they always need donations, but when the life-threatening cold weather hit the area, they knew they needed to act fast to get people off the streets and into somewhere warm.

Executive Director Becky Gligo said they put out a call for help and immediately the money started pouring in from Tulsans, various companies, the City of Tulsa, and other partners who wanted to help.

Gligo said that they quickly raised over $1 million and were able to put people into temporary hotels while they work the next few months to get them a permanent stay at other places. She said they will be allowed to stay in their current arrangements until somewhere else is provided since so much money came pouring in. Housing Solutions is looking into affordable housing options, hotels, and more when it comes to a permanent solution.

“People are really grateful and happy we showed up when we did and they can trust us and many folks are using this opportunity,” Gligo said.

She said many people are taking advantage of the opportunity of having somewhere to stay seriously. Gligo went on to say one woman staying at a provided hotel was so excited to have this housing advantage that she asked for a front desk job at her hotel and got it on the spot. She said that woman is already able to start changing her life for the better because of the Tulsa community that stepped up.

“This has allowed up to house people for the next three months and hire services such as housing navigators and get DHS involved, we can really make a difference in the community in the next few months,” Gligo said.

She said they do still need donations since homelessness in Tulsa is a constant issue and not something that can be permanently solved overnight. If you would like to donate, Click Here. 

If you know someone in need of help or are someone who needs help, you can also find the outreach form to fill out by Clicking Here.