Something Good: Birthdays Mean Giving Back At OKC Baby Boutique

Thursday, February 25th 2021, 6:48 pm
By: Brian Mueller


The folks at Green Bambino want to know what they can do to put your baby in this stroller today.

“We’ve never done a stroller test drive event. We’ve got nice smooth concrete floors inside, but outside we have 75-year-old brick, and we have curves," said Green Bambino owner Morgan Harris.

The Oklahoma City baby boutique’s test drive event is giving customers a chance to take the strollers for a spin, where the rubber meets the road.

Green Bambino is also driven to help their community. They started a program last year where employees can pick a charity, and on their birthday, 20% of all in-person and online sales go directly to that organization.

“We wanted a way to reward employees and give them a treat, but to also support the organizations in our community that our employees find valuable," said Harris.

Store manager Amy Lippe’s charity of choice was Positive Tomorrows, a private, tuition-free school for children experiencing homelessness. 

Her birthday fundraiser racked up $800.

“It was just absolutely an honor to get to share our passion and what we do here with children that don’t have as much as we do," said Lippe.

“This is why people like local business," Harris said. "We’re the ones that want to make sure our community stays vibrant, and part of that is our ability to do things like staff birthday fundraisers.”

If you’d like to take a stroller for a spin, the test drive event goes through Sunday.