State Encourages Residents To Report Damage From Winter Storm

Wednesday, February 24th 2021, 6:11 pm
By: Jonathan Cooper

TULSA, Okla. -

The state of Oklahoma is still assessing property damage from last week's winter storm and they are asking residents to report any damages they experienced.

It comes as Governor Kevin Stitt is on his way back to Oklahoma after meeting with federal officials to ask for more assistance. President Joe Biden has already granted an initial round of emergency assistance to Oklahoma, but that was limited in scope to help the state government and cities.

It does not help homeowners and businesses, something the governor wants to see happen.

Oklahoma's Director of Emergency Management Mark Gower said they're trying to get a better idea of the amount of property damage and its location.

Gower is encouraging Oklahomans to fill out an online survey if they have almost any type of storm damage at their house, business, or field.

That can include many things, from flooding to broken pipes and damage from power surges. They also want to know how many days Oklahomans were without power or water or displaced from the storm.

You can also report any injuries as a result of the winter weather.

The state said this is not a guarantee of assistance or a formal application, but it is just one of many tools they're using to understand the storm's impact.

"Our staff is also working to collect additional storm related emergency costs from cities, counties, tribes and state agencies so the Governor can ask for further assistance from the state," said Gower.

To fill out the survey, click here.