WRWA To Receive $6 Million In Federal Funding

Wednesday, February 24th 2021, 6:12 am

Oklahoma City -

A new program from the FAA will give more than $15 million in federal aid to Oklahoma airports.

Six million of that is going to Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City.

The money itself is coming from a grant program to help Oklahoma airports recover from the pandemic. Former President Trump signed into law before leaving office.

Will Rogers World Airport is getting the largest piece of our state's $15 million in federal aid.

They say the main way they'll spend the $6 million is for payroll.

"It is very helpful in terms of keeping people at the airport and keeping the airport operational," said Josh Ryan from Will Rogers World Airport. "We expect people to come back to the airport and air travel. We expect people flying again and we want staff in place."

The airport says these funds will be used for the department of airport employees and other workers who are under service contracts as well.

With the lowered number of flights during the pandemic, the airport says additional federal aid like this can go a long way.

The airport was able to stretch out the previous $20 million from the federal CARES Act for payroll over a little less than a year.

Will Rogers also says the funding can be used for debt services as well. However, it can only go to projects that were federally funded.

The airport says that narrows it down to the parking garages.