Oklahoma Expands COVID-19 Vaccines To Teachers & Those With Comorbidities

Monday, February 22nd 2021, 5:18 pm
By: Ashley Holden

Monday marked the first day teachers and people with comorbidities under the age of 65 are eligible for the COVID vaccine. 

Teachers flooded to PODS across the state including one at Douglass High School in northeast Oklahoma City. 

In total, more that 2,500 people got their first or second dose at the POD but 400 were reserved for teachers.

"They were filled in about 8.2 seconds," said Oklahoma City Public Schools Superintendent Sean McDaniel. 

That's how excited OKCPS teachers were to have a chance to get the vaccine. McDaniel said events like this will allow the district to quickly get their teachers vaccinated. 

One of those who got vaccinated was Douglass High School teacher Alfred Anderson. He said this will give him peace of mind. 

"For me personally, and I know from listening to my other colleagues, this was a godsend," said Anderson. 

State health leaders told News 9 thousands of teachers will be vaccinated across the state. 

"Everything is so scary right now with the germs, and so I'm glad to be vaccinated," said Elizabeth Pace.

Pace and Amanda Mosley with the Tuttle Public School District. The pair both reserved appointments in Norman at IMMY Labs' mass vaccination POD. 

"I'm really excited to get back to as normal as possible or what the new normal will be," said Mosley. "Really for those kiddos too."

Monday was not just a big day for teachers but all Oklahomans. 

"Today is certainly a milestone in Oklahoma's COVID response, where a vaccine is now open to more than one million Oklahomans," said Oklahoma City-County Health Department Deputy Director Dr. Patrick McGough.

The Oklahoma State Department of Health said the state is making significant progress in the fight against COVID-19. Leaders said they are seeing more vaccine doses come in and promise they're ready for even more. 

"We are positive about that and have plans to use all the vaccine we can get," said State Commissioner of Health Dr. Lance Frye.