Man Gives Witness To Deadly Southwest OKC Shooting

Saturday, February 20th 2021, 10:30 pm
By: Hunter McKee


An OKC man said his brother shot and killed someone in self-defense on Saturday morning.

The shooting happened in a residence near Southwest 32nd Street and Pennsylvania Avenue. 

“It was just crazy,” witness Milton Lopez said. “It was a crazy situation. I don’t wish that upon anybody.”

A gathering between friends and family quickly turned into a violent situation. Lopez and his girlfriend live in the home.

At one point, one of their friends started telling them they were going to pay with their lives.

“He walks towards the living room area and pulls a gun from under the couch,” Lopez said.

They quickly tried moving to another room which is when Lopez said his girlfriend called police.

“He kept yelling out that my girl was going to be the first to go,” Lopez said.

Lopez said he and his brother were eventually able to wrestle the gun out of the suspect’s hand, but he came back at them with a knife.

“By the second time, he tried to come at us and stab us. That’s when my brother opened fire,” Lopez said. “Because he was trying to defend our lives.”

Shortly after, police surrounded the home as their street turned into a crime scene.

“When officers arrived, they did determine there was one deceased male inside the residence,” Oklahoma City Police Department Sgt. Rob Robertson said.

Police said several people were held for questioning, but so far, no arrests have been made.