Metro Company Offers Free Services To People Impacted By Snowstorms

Saturday, February 20th 2021, 6:15 pm
By: Anjelicia Bruton


The snowstorms may be behind us, but now a new problem emerges: The recovery phase.

Zach Martin with ADEPT Commercial Real Estate said he wanted to help recovery go smoother.

“We’ve had guys putting tile up at, elective let’s call them, projects at various properties,” Martin said. “It just made sense to send them out. We’ve got plumbers and electricians on hand doing things that can wait, so we’re glad to do it.”

This week, the company’s crews responded to storm-related service calls free of charge throughout the OKC metro.

“What we’ve mostly been hearing is they’ve called plumbers, electricians, heat and air companies and they were, in many cases, weeks out,” Martin said. “So, we’ve been able to respond in a matter of hours in most cases.”

Snow-covered roads are still a hassle to maneuver several days after the back-to-back snowstorms. As temperatures begin to warm up, Martin expects to have more calls regarding flooding.

“Right now, there are a lot of pipes that have frozen, and as those begin to thaw, people will discover that there are more leaks than they knew about,” Martin said. “Fixing the pipe is actually fairly simple. The flooding that can come as the result of pipes leaking, perhaps going unnoticed. Perhaps they are noticed but people don't know how to shut off their water. That can be a much larger problem.”

Martin plans to continue the free services through next week. If you need help with emergency situations like water shutoffs, frozen pipes, or broken heaters, you can call ADEPT at 405-602-2591.