OCSO Urging Drivers Stay Home This Weekend, Offers Tips For Those Hitting The Roadways

Friday, February 12th 2021, 5:56 pm
By: Anjelicia Bruton

It's better to not drive this weekend due to the upcoming winter storm, but the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office has a few tips if you have to get on the roadways.

“It's best to just stay inside especially if you know the weather is going to be bad, but if for some reason you do have to, just take your time drive slow,” Corporal Joe Wood said.

If drivers have to be out this weekend, the sheriff's office said they want to make sure folks are driving safely.

Corporal Wood said accidents are common during a winter storm usually because of speed.

“One of the most important things that I can possibly tell you is when you're going into a turn you want to give yourself enough time to slow down and slowly start giving your input. It might jerk a little bit, but that's just your tires regaining traction” Wood said.

These aren't just tips for icy conditions, the sheriff's office said this is helpful in other severe weather situations like heavy snowfalls.

“Say your back tires start to skid and you turn into a skid and you start sliding to the left. You're going to want to turn the wheel to the left. So, you're going to want to turn towards the direction of the skid,” Wood said. “I'm not going to look in the direction where my car is going because that's most likely where I’ll end up if you start looking off into the culvert, into the ditch or in the roadway you're going to end up going off of the roadway.”

The department said you should call 911 if you see a crash instead of trying to help those stuck.