Stillwater Medical Center Spreads Random Acts of Kindness Cross Country

Wednesday, February 10th 2021, 7:04 pm
By: Brian Mueller


Stillwater Medical Center employees Heidi Gilbert and Chelsea Engle wanted to do something to spread some much-needed cheer.

“Things have been negative and hard for so many people, and we’re just trying to bring a little bit of joy," said Gilbert, an Emergency Department Educator at Stillwater Medical Center.

That’s how love bombs were born. 

Heidi came up with the idea to send food, treats and care packages to random hospitals, and nursing homes. 

Chelsea liked the idea so much, she decided to jump on board as well. 

“Sometimes it’s that little boost you need just to make it through one more patient, one more shift, just to know that somebody sees you and they care," said Engle, a House Supervisor and Nurse at Stillwater Medical Center.

The Stillwater Medical community has embraced the project, helping with funding and planning. 

The love bombs have gone cross country, from Alaska to Florida, and hopefully soon internationally as well. They have plans to send one to Australia. Heidi and Chelsea said the goal of the love bombs is for each hospital that gets one, to pay it forward. 

And speaking of carrying on kindness, this whole love bomb project was in part motivated by the support the Stillwater community showed these health care heroes when times were the toughest. 

“Cars out there, flashing their lights, praying for us. We just want to make sure other places feel just that little bit of love too," said Engle.