Ace Hardware Store Provides Safety Precautions, Tips During Winter Storm

Wednesday, February 10th 2021, 6:49 pm


Winter has arrived with a vengeance, and while everyone is struggling to stay warm, the experts at Ace Hardware Stores have some valuable tips.

Manager Morgan Wood said space heaters are a valuable resource when used properly.

"Keep in mind if you’re going to use a space heater that uses fuel such as kerosene, you want to make sure and have a carbon monoxide detector in the home as well just for safety precautions" Wood said.

Remember to use the heaters in open spaces away from anything that could catch fire.

And we’ve heard it time and time again, let faucets drip and open cabinet and bathroom doors to allow heat to circulate around pipes. It’s also important to keep heat inside your home.

"One of the great ways to do that is window seal and door seal, very simple to use and very inexpensive," Wood said.

A couple of hot ticket items right now are those outdoor faucet covers. Ace said if you can’t find them simply wrap a cloth or towel around the hydrant and tie a plastic or zip lock bag around it.

Also de-icer is a tough find, but Ace has plenty of ice scrapers.