‘Glass Flying Everywhere:’ Woman Recounts 29-Vehicle Pile Up Near Downtown OKC

Tuesday, February 9th 2021, 7:19 am
By: Clayton Cummins

Oklahoma City saw a dangerous morning commute Monday. Ice caused several major crashes including a 29-vehicle pile-up near Interstate 40 and Oklahoma City Boulevard. 

Five people were hurt. One person was seriously injured. 

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Tracy Gregory’s Trailblazer was sandwiched in the middle of it all.  No matter the speed, she says, black ice made for trouble. 

“When I knew my car was turning, and there was nothing, I was going to hit somebody,” said Gregory. “I just put my head down and covered my head so that in case a car were to hit me or flip over I would be a little bit ok.” 

Gregory says she stayed in that position, feeling the impact of each vehicle after hers. Some people, she says even got out of their vehicle after crashing adding to the danger. 

“You hear windows break, there was glass flying everywhere, stuff just popping, and then I kept thinking please don’t let someone’s car catch on fire because where I was sitting next to me was somebody’s front end,” said Gregory. 

After dropping her son off at jury duty, he rushed the scene, climbing through the sunroof to keep mom company until first responders arrived. 

Gregory hopes she never has to experience this ever again.   

“I wasn’t even going that fast,” said Gregory You can go 20, 10 miles per hour, it just if you put your brakes on, you were going to slide. There was no way around it,” she said. 

Gregory said she’s now on the hunt for a new car only having liability insurance.