Edmond Police See Spike In Fake ID Busts

Monday, February 8th 2021, 5:22 am
By: Katelyn Ogle

Edmond -

Edmond Police said they’re seeing a recent spike in fake ID busts and are warning a night of fun isn’t worth a criminal record that could cost you the rest of your life.

Officers said 18-year-old Blakelee Sands was recently caught at the Wolf Trap bar in Edmond with a fake ID, which is normally a misdemeanor. They said when she tried to convince police the ID was hers, it turned the crime into a felony.

“Yes, I’m trying to get someone up here to verify that my ID is real,” said Sands during a call to the police department. “Because they took it from me and they won’t give it back until I verify that it is real.”

When Edmond officers ran the ID number, it matched with 43-year-old Robert Sanchez in Texas.

According to police body-worn camera footage, Sands stuck to her story that the ID belonged to her.

Police: Is your ID fake?

Sands: No.

Police: Are you sure?

Sands: Yeah, I’m sure.

Officers said Sands was arrested on a felony complaint of presenting a false ID to an officer to avoid prosecution.

“I think she would have done herself a favor just to leave and leave the ID at the bar,” said Emily Ward with the Edmond Police Department. “But unfortunately it went from no charge at all into a felony.”

A few days earlier, Edmond police say a restaurant owner found a lost wallet filled with multiple fake IDs. When they found the 20-year-old owner he admitted it was his. 

“Because he had not shown it to us and said ‘this is me’,” said Ward. “We didn’t arrest him.”

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