Oklahoma’s Delegation Says Capitol Security Measures Are ‘Over The Top’ Since Insurrection

Friday, February 5th 2021, 6:25 pm
By: News 9, News On 6


In the wake of the violent insurrection, carried out by a violent pro-Trump mob exactly two weeks before the inauguration of President Biden, it was certainly understandable that security at and around the U.S. Capitol was beefed up in a big way. But now, almost a month later, much of it is still in place. Members of Oklahoma's congressional delegation say it's time for it to go.

"I think it's over the top right now." said Rep. Markwayne Mullin, (R) OK - 2, in an interview this week. "I mean, I've been to embassies around the world and they haven't looked like this."

Congressman Mullin, who was on the House floor when the Capitol was breached and stood with officers as rioters attempted to enter the chamber, feels most of his colleagues had never been in a life-or-death situation before.

"They've never been as scared as much as they were the other day, and their natural reaction is to overreact like this," Mullin said, explaining why he believes security is now so tight.

Fifth District Congresswoman Stephanie Bice had only been sworn in three days before the insurrection and wants conditions to return to normal.

"This is the people's House, and we should be mindful of that," Rep. Bice stated this week.

Leadership say they are certainly trying to be mindful of that and believe a review being done by security experts will help them strike the right balance between public access and safety. In the meantime, threats against some members reportedly continue.

"And I certainly feel that members should have security should they need it, but shutting down this entire complex, I think, is really unfortunate and not necessary," said Bice.

The Capitol complex has been closed to the public since last March, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, because of the insurrection, members of Congress, staff, Capitol workers, and media must go through two checkpoints to get any of the buildings.

"We are at the point in time where the barriers around the building and the razor wire need to come down," said Rep. Frank Lucas, (R) OK-3.

Congressman Lucas doesn't downplay what happened last month, but he says it's not the first time the National Guard has been sent to keep the peace in Washington.

"This has happened before, but we need to address the issues that matter," said Lucas. "Lower the temperature, get on with being a civil society again and move forward."

That may be easier said than done.