Okla. Co. DA Reviewing 2 Controversial OKC Deadly Officer-Involved Shooting Investigations

Thursday, February 4th 2021, 5:21 pm
By: Jennifer Pierce


Two controversial Oklahoma City officer-involved shooting investigations were given to the Oklahoma County district attorney this week.

The separate shootings killed armed robbery suspect Stavian Rodriguez, 15, in November and 60-year-old Bennie Edwards in December.

District Attorney David Prater said on Thursday it could take a month to complete his investigations after he gets the medical examiner’s reports. Prater will decide whether the shootings were justified or if he will prosecute.

“We’re very hopeful there’s going to be a just decision,” said Rand Eddy, an attorney for Rodriguez's family.

Eddy represents Rodriguez's mother in a civil lawsuit against the City of Oklahoma City.  

“This hasn’t looked good for the police department from the beginning,” said Eddy. 

Rodriguez was shot multiple times by five Oklahoma City near SW 74th and S. Western Avenue. Police were responding to an armed robbery at a convenience store. The robbery suspect was identified as the teenager.

Multiple witness videos showed Rodriguez put his gun on the ground only seconds before the deadly gunfire.

The teen's mother still has not seen the police body camera footage.

“There’s been enough time and we feel she should have seen the video by now,” said Eddy. “That’s important to her grief process and it’s going to be a horrible thing for her to watch but it’s going to be something that’s part of the process.”

The other investigation the district attorney was given involved Edwards. He was a homeless man known to sell flowers near North Pennsylvania Avenue and Hefner Road.

A large protest erupted in that area last December after two officers shot Edwards in front of a pawn shop.

Police said he was armed with a knife and officers first attempted to de-escalate the situation by using pepper spray and a Taser.

Edward's family said he suffered from mental illness.

Police officials said on Thursday the families will be allowed to watch the body camera footage after the district attorney makes a decision on the cases.